Big Fun Run

Angela Morris and her charity team to take part in Liverpool BFR to raise awareness and funds in memory of Colin Hankin

Since the untimely death of her 18 year old son Colin Hankin in October 2000, Angela Morris has been raising awareness and donating cardiac equipment to save lives in his memory. She has donated heart monitors to identify dangerous heart rhythms and defibrillators to schools and communities to be used to restart the heart if a person suffers a cardiac arrest.

Due to her dedication and experience in the area Angela works as the Northwest Co-ordinator for the cardiac charity SADS UK. Together with family and friends she has raised awareness and funds in various ways, supporting the SADS UK Big Shock Campaign to make defibrillators available in all schools. Last year Angela was recognized for her commitment when she received the prestigious Cardiac Smart Award by the NorthWest Ambulance Service for her outstanding work in the community.

One of the biggest annual events that Angela organizes is the 5k Big Fun Run at Sefton Park, Liverpool, with friends, family and SADS UK members all taking part. She has been recognized for her fantastic support by the organisers of the Big Fun Run and Angela was invited to officially start the race in 2014, with hundreds of runners taking part.

Angela said: “I love the Big Fun Run. It’s a great day out for all the family and I was so proud to be asked to be the starter in 2014. Raising awareness is a very important part of what SADS UK does and the work I do is in memory of my son Colin Hankin. It’s lovely seeing all the charities come together raising lots of funds and awareness for good causes. There’s a great atmosphere and we are all looking forward to this year’s event.”

The sudden death of a child, young person or healthy adult is traumatic and devastating. This is why SADS UK donates cardiac equipment to save lives. The charity donates heart monitors to identify abnormal heart rhythms that must be treated and defibrillators to restart the heart if a person suffers a cardiac arrest.

SADS UK Big Shock Campaign to make defibrillators available in all schools has the support of the ambulance services and Dame Helen Mirren who heads the charity’s defibrillator leaflet urging for defibrillators to be in place in all schools to save lives. Dr Hilary Jones, Health Editor of Good Morning Britain has also extended his support to the work of the charity and recently become a Patron to SADS UK.

SADS UK funds research into SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) and provides cardiac equipment such as heart monitors, event recorders and defibrillators to help save lives.

The Department for Education has taken heed of the plea made by SADS UK that all schools to have defibrillators in place and are now advising schools that modern defibrillators are easy to use, inexpensive and safe and advising schools to consider purchasing a defibrillator as part of their first aid equipment.

However, SADS UK will continue their Big Shock Campaign for defibrillators, lobbying Government until all schools have lifesaving defibrillators in place.

If you would like further information about funding research into SADS or placing a defibrillator in your community please contact Anne Jolly, SADS UK on 01277 811215, email, web