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Scottish Huntington's Association

Linda Winters
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Huntington's Disease (HD) is a hereditary degenerative disease which causes acute mental illness and complete physical dependency. First symptoms usually start at age 30-45 with death following 15-25 years later. Every person born into an HD family has a 50:50 chance of inheriting the disease. About 5,000 people in Scotland are symptomatic or at risk of developing the disease.

The Scottish Huntington's Association is the only organisation in Scotland providing specialist services in the community for people whose lives are affected by HD. Our aim is to significantly improve ‘quality of life’ through effective care and emotional support for people with HD, their carers and their families. We do this through:

Regional HD Care Specialists providing long-term care management and emotional support.
A specialist Youth Project providing mentoring and befriending for people aged under 25.
A dedicated Palliative Care Trainer working to improve care provided by other agencies.
Empowering individuals and families to establish Family Branches and Support Groups.

Please choose the Scottish Huntington’s Association as your beneficiary charity, and help us to continue providing expert care and support to families in Scotland living with this devastating disease.

Registered Charity Number in Scotland SC 010 985

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