The South African Children's Charitable Trust

Victoria Erasmus
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The South African Children’s Charitable Trust believes that every child, no matter what their background, has the right to reach their potential and dream big.
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Current circumstances do not define who we become and it is vital to empower every child with this belief in themselves.
 Working with our chosen partners, we help support these vital organisations through fundraising for specific projects and to help ensure that along with the basic rights of food, clothes, accommodation and education, that the maintenance of the buildings and grounds that these children are living in are equally meeting their developing needs. This also includes working closely with the surrounding communities.
Additionally, The South African Children’s Charitable Trust will help raise awareness in the UK of these incredible organisations. These organisations that are making such a huge difference to those they help, one child at a time, and offer the confidence to those in the UK that 100% of every penny raised will be going directly to the children it was meant to help.                 


Registered Charity Number in Scotland SC046657

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