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Brain and Spine Foundation

Andrew Cater
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There are more than 350 different conditions of the brain and spine and together they affect more than 12 million people in the UK. These conditions affect both children and adults and in many cases have long term impacts without the prospect of a cure. Neurological conditions and associated treatments are often complex and poorly understood by those affected and their families. 

We run a helpline staffed by neuroscience nurses who provide people suffering with a neurological condition with medical advice and emotional support on a wide range of conditions and queries, from the fairly common to the very rare, 

In addition, more than 715,000 visitors each month use the Foundation’s website to seek out information, to download free copies of the 27 information booklets we offer on a range of neurological conditions and procedures.

We would love you to be a part of our 2016 Big Fun Run team - receive expert training and fundraising tips, PLUS a free #TeamBrainandSpine T.shirt!  

Thank you for your support. 

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