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There are over five million people with asthma in the UK.  A quarter of a million people have asthma so severe that medicines don’t work for them.  We fund world-leading research to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

23 year old Sophie from Derby has severe asthma, but through successful lobbying Asthma UK gave her access to a treatment called Xolair which – it’s safe to say – turned her life around.


“Before starting Xolair in 2007, I was told that my body was shutting down and there was nothing else doctors could do for me. I was confined to my bed at home and a wheelchair when I went out. The steroids I was on made me depressed and I gained six stone. Thanks to Xolair, my steroid dose has been greatly reduced, I’ve completed a degree, lost weight and got married. Xolair meant I got my life back.”


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