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Sheena Breeze
0131 475 2549

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Penumbra is one of Scotland’s most innovative mental health charities, working to improve mental wellbeing across the nation. We provide a wide range of services which offer hope and practical steps towards recovery, including support for people in their own homes, assisted accommodation, self harm reduction and youth services. Penumbra campaigns to influence national and local government policy, and to increase public knowledge and understanding about mental ill health.

We envisage a society where adults and young people with mental ill health expect recovery and are accepted, supported and have the resources to fulfil their potential. The word ‘penumbra’ means the partial shadow around the sun during an eclipse. Penumbra’s work aims to bring mental health out of the shadow and into the light. Help us by raising funds to support the one in four Scots who will experience mental ill health and move towards mental wellbeing for all.


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Registered Charity Number in Scotland SCO10387


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