Macular Society

Kathy King
01264 321964
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Macular degeneration isn’t life threatening but it is life changing. It destroys a person’s central vision so that they can no longer do everyday tasks, such as read, drive or even recognise the faces of family and friends.

We’re here at the Macular Society to help anyone affected by this distressing condition. Many people turn to our Helpline for information and support after the shock of diagnosis. We also give people the chance to help each other, share experiences and build friendships through our network of some 280 locally based support groups. And we teach people to make the best possible use of their remaining peripheral vision through our free Skills for Seeing training service.

Run for us and you’ll help more people who are struggling to cope with the often devastating effects of macular degeneration. We’ll send you a free fundraising pack and t-shirt, and be there for you every step of the way, with all the advice and encouragement you need.

Registered Charity Number in England and Wales 1001198
Registered Charity Number in Scotland SC042015


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