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At Gingerbread, we think single parents do a brilliant job.

We’re the leading charity working with single parent families. Supporting, advising and campaigning with single mums and dads to help them meet their family’s needs.

Since 1918, we've been supporting, advising and campaigning with single parents to help them meet their family's needs and achieve their goals. Whatever success means to you - a healthy family, a flexible job, stable finances or a chance to study - we'll work with you to make it happen.

What we do:

  • Our helpline and online advice help single parents make confident choices about their family's future
  • Our training programmes help single parents develop their skills and get jobs that fit with their families
  • Our campaigning with single parents ensures their voices are heard
  • Our groups and membership make sure no single parent has to feel like they are raising a family alone.


"Becoming a single parent was like being dropped in the middle of vast moorland without a map or a compass. It was something I has never considered as a possibiity, certainly something I had never allowed myself to plan for. And yet there I was, on my own with a six year old daughter and a two year old son" - Jo, single mum of two

Thousands of single parent families every year need the support that Gingerbread can provide. You can help single parents you know and care for, as well as making life fairer and easier for all single parent families by fundraising for Gingerbread today!

Join Team Gingerbread today and together we can help single parents build better futures for their families!