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Finisher Lists

2021 Big Fun Run

Below is a full list of finishers in alphabetical order, you can use the search function to find your listing.

FinisherEvent NumberDetailsCompletion Date
Maryanne Adams2611Jogging
30m 0s
Sat 27th Feb 2021
Carol Alderson259529m 44s Wed 28th Apr 2021
Scott Allison224633m 33s Sun 13th Dec 2020
Adrian Armitage251433m 45s Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Dale Arnold263829m 21s Fri 12th Feb 2021
Emma Ash26671k
Wed 17th Feb 2021
Harrison Ash26681k
Wed 17th Feb 2021
Julia Ashley25766miles
1h 20m 29s
Wed 24th Feb 2021
Danielle Bagley2781Walking
2h 8m 0s
Sun 6th Jun 2021
Hazel Beasley262831m 11s Sat 27th Mar 2021
Will Behrens257525km
3h 0m 0s
Sun 1st Mar 2020
Amiee Benskin260740m 0s Tue 9th Feb 2021
Esmae Benskin260845m 0s Tue 9th Feb 2021
Rebecca Benskin260634m 0s Tue 9th Feb 2021
Ella Bevan2524Walking
3h 30m 0s
Sat 24th Apr 2021
Lisa Blackwell250910 miles
2h 18m 8s
Sat 20th Feb 2021
Donna Blain2764Walking
1h 30m 0s
Tue 11th May 2021
Joan Blanch-nicholson2795Walking
7 miles
2h 35m 0s
Tue 1st Jun 2021
Anthony Bonninga2533Walking
10 miles
1h 55m 18s
Sun 17th Jan 2021
Shelagh Bonninga2555Jogging
41m 6s
Wed 27th Jan 2021
Morag Boyd2685Thu 5th Mar 2020
Jessica Bratchell2244Walking
5 miles
Sat 23rd Jan 2021
Catherine Brogdale223539m 20s Tue 1st Dec 2020
Chris Brooking26403km
18m 33s
Sat 13th Feb 2021
George Brooking26413km
18m 37s
Sat 13th Feb 2021
Tobias Brooking26423km
18m 33s
Sat 13th Feb 2021
Mick Brooks256010km
1h 28m 51s
Sat 23rd Jan 2021
Clive Buck249110km
42m 45s
Wed 2nd Dec 2020
Nicola Buck2759Walking
1h 20m 25s
Tue 11th May 2021
Keira Buck-Beason2760Walking
1h 20m 25s
Tue 11th May 2021
Rachel Burchill2610Jogging
35m 11s
Thu 4th Feb 2021
Giselle Camm26936h 40m 0s Thu 12th Mar 2020
Peter Campbell256550km
Sun 14th Feb 2021
Tamara Campbell2706Jogging
44m 25s
Mon 16th Mar 2020
Janice Cargill256139m 12s Wed 27th Jan 2021
Elaine Carter261436m 33s Sun 11th Apr 2021
Caroline Cassegrain2238Walking
1h 1m 20s
Sun 6th Dec 2020
Trinity Cavanagh2569Sun 11th Apr 2021
Sharon Challis-Brown25878 miles
1h 18m 0s
Sun 7th Feb 2021
Lynne Chambers2613Walking
37.45 miles/89,000 steps in 7 days 31 January to 6 February
Sat 6th Feb 2021
Rachel Chung2747Walking
59m 19s
Sun 9th May 2021
Samantha Clayton 25591h 13m 0s Mon 25th Jan 2021
GILLIAN CLEGG222831m 0s Fri 26th Mar 2021
Fiona Clubley253710km
Sat 20th Feb 2021
Thea Clubley253830 minutes
Sat 20th Feb 2021
Elaine Cobb262737m 0s Sat 27th Mar 2021
Julie Coe25624.14 mile
55m 7s
Sun 31st Jan 2021
Neil Coe25634.99
1h 1m 50s
Sun 31st Jan 2021
Angela Connor26363km
17m 0s
Sun 15th Mar 2020
Evelyn Conquer2259Walking
1h 38m 0s
Sun 30th May 2021
Chris Cookson 259410km
43m 37s
Fri 6th Mar 2020
Sophie Crabtree2493Walking
3h 30m 0s
Sat 24th Apr 2021
Sadhbh Cranley 2670Mix Of Walking And Running
Thu 11th Feb 2021
Chris Cule259213.25 miles
1h 36m 15s
Sun 14th Feb 2021
Angela Cunniff276250k in May
Mon 31st May 2021
Paul Curran259913.1 miles
2h 42m 0s
Mon 8th Feb 2021
Julie Davies25646.65km
55m 26s
Sun 31st Jan 2021
Ronan Dunican2600Sat 6th Feb 2021
Bronagh Dunne2678Mix Of Walking
50.5 km
Tue 17th Mar 2020
Poppy Dunne2679Mix Of Walking
50.5 km
Tue 17th Mar 2020
Eilidh Eadington223728m 18s Wed 16th Dec 2020
Mark Earle2513Walking
2h 12m 0s
Tue 22nd Dec 2020
Robert Edwards2243Walking
30 Miles
Mon 7th Dec 2020
Laura Elfman 2708Walking
2h 18m 3s
Sun 9th May 2021
Marc Evans271742m 53s Tue 30th Mar 2021
Debbie Facey268625km
Thu 8th Apr 2021
Michelle Faires253410km
1h 7m 40s
Tue 3rd Mar 2020
Chris Farleytbc10km
46m 0s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Bernice Feaver2602Jogging
35m 10s
Mon 2nd Mar 2020
Adam Fitzpatrick271110km
1h 2m 52s
Sat 15th May 2021
Katie Fletcher251138m 23s Sun 14th Feb 2021
Zoe Foster272147m 52s Tue 6th Apr 2021
Vicky French27075km
27m 3s
Mon 31st May 2021
Mike Fricker2572Walking
53m 10s
Fri 20th Mar 2020
Sarha Futers274654m 0s Wed 5th May 2021
Amy GERRARD 2545Walking
4.3 miles
1h 5m 0s
Fri 22nd Jan 2021
Steven Gerrard2544Walking
4.3 miles
1h 5m 2s
Fri 22nd Jan 2021
Alan Godbold 255138m 4s Sat 23rd Jan 2021
Claire Godwin2731Walking
75 miles in May
10h 59m 59s
Sun 30th May 2021
Elaine Grant2499Walking
57m 18s
Thu 24th Dec 2020
Gillian Green2388Walking
Tue 5th Jan 2021
Jeni Griffith240135m 24s Fri 27th Nov 2020
Helen Grinsell223610km
59m 19s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Emma Haley2689Mon 9th Mar 2020
Alice Hall2635Walking
Fri 19th Feb 2021
Clare Hall2634Walking
Fri 19th Feb 2021
Teresa Hallum240238m 17s Fri 27th Nov 2020
Brian Hampton25356km
34m 41s
Mon 18th Jan 2021
Jean Hansford2692Jogging
45m 0s
Fri 6th Mar 2020
Torsten Haraldson265510km
59m 24s
Tue 24th Mar 2020
Michael Hawkins265621.21km
1h 57m 56s
Sun 14th Feb 2021
Daniel Hinder 24551h 11m 0s Wed 11th Nov 2020
Elizabeth Hinder2457Walking
1h 9m 0s
Sun 17th Jan 2021
Elizabeth Hindler272349m 40s Fri 9th Apr 2021
Abbie Hirst2331Walking
Mon 16th Nov 2020
Dexter Hobbs2481Fri 4th Dec 2020
Elissa Hobbs2483Fri 4th Dec 2020
Jemma Hobbs2218Fri 4th Dec 2020
Leylan Hobbs2482Fri 4th Dec 2020
Tamzin Hobbs2480Fri 4th Dec 2020
Zakari Hobbs2484Fri 4th Dec 2020
Claire Holland255258m 8s Sun 24th Jan 2021
Rachel Hughes26741h 1m 0s Tue 6th Apr 2021
Connor Hutchison264647m 29s Wed 17th Feb 2021
Iona Hutchison26472.1 miles
47m 0s
Wed 17th Feb 2021
Jennifer Hutchison26455km
47m 57s
Wed 17th Feb 2021
Elliot Ingram277256m 0s Sat 15th May 2021
Chris Jackson2571Jogging
48m 0s
Sun 22nd Mar 2020
Adam Jedrysik257910km
1h 4m 18s
Sat 30th Jan 2021
Matt Jones222610 miles
1h 31m 10s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
Samantha Jones2616Walking
10 miles
10h 0m 0s
Fri 12th Feb 2021
Tanveer Kauser2242Walking
1h 1m 6s
Sun 29th Nov 2020
Bonnie Kerr2385Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Robert Kerr2382Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Robert Kerr2383Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Charlie King2782Walking
2h 8m 0s
Sun 6th Jun 2021
Lana Lane2612Jogging
40m 0s
Sat 27th Feb 2021
Heather Laurence 276545m 0s Mon 10th May 2021
Sarah Leadbitter265429m 10s Mon 16th Mar 2020
Adrian Levandovski233944m 37s Thu 3rd Jun 2021
Laura Levandovski233844m 37s Thu 3rd Jun 2021
Emilly Lewandowski234044m 37s Thu 3rd Jun 2021
Gabriella Lewandowski234144m 37s Thu 3rd Jun 2021
Aurel Lewis255613.18
1h 49m 41s
Wed 27th Jan 2021
Mark Lingham275610km
52m 26s
Thu 6th May 2021
Una loughran2573Walking
53m 10s
Fri 20th Mar 2020
Macie Lovett258050k
Sun 28th Feb 2021
Simon Lovett258150km
Sat 27th Feb 2021
Tia Lovett258250km
Sun 28th Feb 2021
Caroline MacCallum 2497Walking
1h 24m 0s
Sun 14th Feb 2021
Drew MacCallum2496Walking
1h 42m 0s
Sat 16th Jan 2021
Ann Mackrill227132m 0s Sun 31st Jan 2021
Tyler Mackrill227243m 31s Sun 31st Jan 2021
Barney Maidment 251519m 16s Fri 12th Feb 2021
Mark Mathias229835m 35s Sat 23rd Jan 2021
Finlay McAllister2660Walking And Jogging
Mon 15th Feb 2021
Hannah McAllister2659Jogging
50m 6s
Mon 15th Feb 2021
Tracey McDermott 2529Walking
Sat 30th Jan 2021
Noah McNicol252039m 11s Tue 26th Jan 2021
Richard McNicol251939m 14s Tue 26th Jan 2021
Kat Medcroft2505Walking
Wed 30th Dec 2020
Dimitra Mistakidis273349m 0s Sun 18th Apr 2021
Jakki Moriarty2677Mix Of Walking
50.5 km
Tue 17th Mar 2020
Kirsty Morris2494100km
Thu 31st Dec 2020
Mia Mulhall2454Walking
1h 9m 0s
Sun 17th Jan 2021
Victoria Mulhall245314m 1s Tue 26th Jan 2021
Helen Mulligan267247m 26s Tue 30th Mar 2021
Diane Muncey 265710 miles
2h 47m 30s
Sat 27th Mar 2021
Tammie Murdoch2665Walking
1h 52m 23s
Sat 20th Feb 2021
Dee Muzsla25122h 40m 0s Sun 20th Dec 2020
Alana Myant262927m 0s Mon 7th Jun 2021
Archie Myant26323km
20m 0s
Mon 7th Jun 2021
Hanna Myant263128m 0s Mon 7th Jun 2021
Amy Neal243554m 0s Sat 20th Feb 2021
Jackie Newman2709Walking
2h 0m 0s
Sat 14th Mar 2020
John Noonan261512km
1h 28m 6s
Sat 13th Feb 2021
Barry O leary 268142.2km
5h 46m 55s
Sat 6th Mar 2021
Lucy O leary 268242.2km
7h 1m 3s
Sat 13th Mar 2021
Niall O leary 268342.2km
7h 11m 6s
Sat 13th Mar 2021
Vinny O leary268042.195km
Sat 13th Mar 2021
Dave Oxlade255747m 23s Sat 30th Jan 2021
James Pallant273810km
49m 6s
Thu 22nd Apr 2021
Patrick Part250210km
49m 32s
Thu 3rd Dec 2020
Joe Passfield260430m 0s Sun 7th Feb 2021
Natasha Passfield 260530m 0s Sun 7th Feb 2021
Bethany Paul2566Jogging And Speed Walking
Mon 22nd Feb 2021
Callie Pearson2793Running
41m 21s
Thu 10th Jun 2021
Chris Perrin260310km
1h 19m 47s
Thu 4th Feb 2021
Jean-Marc Petit274314k.6m
1h 3m 23s
Mon 17th May 2021
James Poles223310km
59m 51s
Thu 19th Nov 2020
Debbie Pomphret255346m 2s Wed 27th Jan 2021
Eesh Prasad258340.1 miles
8h 1m 1s
Sat 27th Feb 2021
Dewi Rachmawati254147m 8s Thu 28th Jan 2021
Lucy Randle223154m 0s Sat 20th Feb 2021
Alex Rawson22193km
29m 12s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Ella Roberts2687Walking
1h 28m 0s
Sun 11th Apr 2021
Louise Roberts261834m 40s Sat 13th Feb 2021
Dawn Robinson 230010km
1h 9m 51s
Thu 19th Nov 2020
Jennifer Robrrts2688Walking
1h 28m 0s
Sun 11th Apr 2021
Ashley Rose2716Jogging
Fri 9th Apr 2021
Rebecca Scott239437m 45s Fri 20th Nov 2020
Allison Sedgwick2649Jogging
1h 3m 0s
Tue 23rd Feb 2021
Rosanna Sessions 272939m 34s Fri 16th Apr 2021
Dawn Sharples25584.25 miles
44m 0s
Mon 25th Jan 2021
Deborah Shaw22457.5km
54m 44s
Sun 24th Jan 2021
Yvonne Sheridan26611h 0m 0s Sat 7th Mar 2020
Andy Shippey251710km
Sun 10th Jan 2021
Mark Siddons249510km
56m 41s
Thu 3rd Jun 2021
Andreas SIDERIStbc13.1 miles
3h 24m 4s
Sat 5th Dec 2020
Julia Slater255038m 24s Sun 24th Jan 2021
Coby Smith22671h 20m 17s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Tracy Smith2492Walking
6h 0m 0s
Thu 17th Dec 2020
Wayne Smith22791h 10m 0s Wed 18th Nov 2020
Sami Speakman2277Walking
1h 0m 0s
Fri 27th Nov 2020
Karen Stanhope273210km
59m 0s
Wed 21st Apr 2021
Katie Starkey223431m 51s Fri 25th Dec 2020
Nicola StokestbcWalking
5 miles
1h 43m 25s
Tue 15th Dec 2020
Michael Stone254231m 19s Sat 13th Feb 2021
Caroline Swan 22415km
Tue 24th Nov 2020
Hayley Taroni2225Walking
1h 0m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
max henry taroni2490Walking
1h 0m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
russell taroni2489Walking
1h 0m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
Janet Taylor2673Walking
1h 1m 0s
Tue 6th Apr 2021
Laura Taylor266630m 0s Fri 13th Mar 2020
Rebecca Taylor 2510Walking
2h 12m 0s
Tue 22nd Dec 2020
Shellby-grace Taylor2676Jogging
1h 1m 0s
Tue 6th Apr 2021
Sam Towers269929m 31s Sun 1st Mar 2020
Melanie Viveiros2523Walking
Mon 4th Jan 2021
Andy Walter222220m 43s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Adam Webb2728Walking
100 miles.
Thu 27th May 2021
Jonathan Welander26535 miles
Mon 16th Mar 2020
Madelene Welander26525 miles
Mon 16th Mar 2020
Ann Wellman2567Running
Sat 27th Feb 2021
Kerry White264410km
1h 12m 8s
Sun 30th May 2021
David Wilcox265810.22 miles
1h 31m 45s
Sat 13th Feb 2021
Emma Wilkinson2643Walking
101.5 miles
Sun 28th Feb 2021
Julie Williams2591Walking
Sun 14th Feb 2021
Tracey Wilson278610km
1h 43m 31s
Sat 29th May 2021
Emilia Wisniewskatbc50m 10s Sat 5th Dec 2020
David Womersley 2675Walking
1h 1m 0s
Tue 6th Apr 2021
Kelly Woods2381Walking
Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Robert Woods2384Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Jonathan Wray262432m 0s Thu 18th Feb 2021
Joseph Wray2626Thu 18th Feb 2021
Kira Wray2625Thu 18th Feb 2021
Zoe Wray2623Jogging
30m 0s
Thu 18th Feb 2021
Nicola Wylie 26374.10miles
33m 51s
Tue 9th Feb 2021
Nick Wytchard2714Walking
5h 39m 0s
Tue 30th Mar 2021
Celina Zastawniak-Thomas2712Jogging
50 miles
Tue 17th Mar 2020

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