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Big Fun Run

Below is a full list of finishers in alphabetical order, you can use the search function to find your listing.

FinisherEvent NumberDetailsCompletion Date
Scott Allison224633m 33s Sun 13th Dec 2020
Adrian Armitage251433m 45s Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Catherine Brogdale223539m 20s Tue 1st Dec 2020
Clive Buck249110km
42m 45s
Wed 2nd Dec 2020
Caroline Cassegrain2238Walking
1h 1m 20s
Sun 6th Dec 2020
Eilidh Eadington223728m 18s Wed 16th Dec 2020
Mark Earle2513Walking
2h 12m 0s
Tue 22nd Dec 2020
Robert Edwards2243Walking
30 Miles
Mon 7th Dec 2020
Chris Farleytbc10km
46m 0s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Elaine Grant2499Walking
57m 18s
Thu 24th Dec 2020
Gillian Green2388Walking
Tue 5th Jan 2021
Jeni Griffith240135m 24s Fri 27th Nov 2020
Helen Grinsell223610km
59m 19s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Teresa Hallum240238m 17s Fri 27th Nov 2020
Abbie Hirst2331Walking
Mon 16th Nov 2020
Dexter Hobbs2481Fri 4th Dec 2020
Elissa Hobbs2483Fri 4th Dec 2020
Jemma Hobbs2218Fri 4th Dec 2020
Leylan Hobbs2482Fri 4th Dec 2020
Tamzin Hobbs2480Fri 4th Dec 2020
Zakari Hobbs2484Fri 4th Dec 2020
Matt Jones222610 miles
1h 31m 10s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
Tanveer Kauser2242Walking
1h 1m 6s
Sun 29th Nov 2020
Kat Medcroft2505Walking
Wed 30th Dec 2020
Kirsty Morris2494100km
Thu 31st Dec 2020
Dee Muzsla25122h 40m 0s Sun 20th Dec 2020
Patrick Part250210km
49m 32s
Thu 3rd Dec 2020
James Poles223310km
59m 51s
Thu 19th Nov 2020
Alex Rawson22193km
29m 12s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Dawn Robinson 230010km
1h 9m 51s
Thu 19th Nov 2020
Rebecca Scott239437m 45s Fri 20th Nov 2020
Andy Shippey251710km
Sun 10th Jan 2021
Andreas SIDERIStbc13.1 miles
3h 24m 4s
Sat 5th Dec 2020
Coby Smith22671h 20m 17s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Tracy Smith2492Walking
6h 0m 0s
Thu 17th Dec 2020
Wayne Smith22791h 10m 0s Wed 18th Nov 2020
Sami Speakman2277Walking
1h 0m 0s
Fri 27th Nov 2020
Katie Starkey223431m 51s Fri 25th Dec 2020
Nicola StokestbcWalking
5 miles
1h 43m 25s
Tue 15th Dec 2020
Caroline Swan 22415km
Tue 24th Nov 2020
Hayley Taroni2225Walking
1h 0m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
max henry taroni2490Walking
1h 0m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
russell taroni2489Walking
1h 0m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
Rebecca Taylor 2510Walking
2h 12m 0s
Tue 22nd Dec 2020
Melanie Viveiros2523Walking
Mon 4th Jan 2021
Andy Walter222220m 43s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Emilia Wisniewskatbc50m 10s Sat 5th Dec 2020

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