Big Fun Run Southampton

Chance meeting inspires mum to run 5km

A chance meeting at work has led a mother of four to take on a fundraising challenge this July.

Yvonne Dennis from Southampton met Helen Duall last year. Helen’s five year old son, Harry suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Yvonne was so inspired by her friend’s son’s plight that she signed up to run the Big Fun Run in Southampton to raise money into research for the disease that has affected the family.

Yvonne, 45, is taking part in the event on July 24th to raise money for Harrison’s Fund. Harrison’s Fund is named after the nine year old from Surrey who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal genetic condition which affects all the muscles in the body, causing them to waste away. Harrison’s Fund’s goal is to get as much money as possible into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne.

Yvonne said: “Helen is one of the loveliest caring people I have met and straight away we realised we had a lot in common with young children of the same age. I was then devastated to realise her little man had this awful illness and as we became closer the sadness of my friend’s situation became more apparent – she also lost her brother at the age of just 20 years old to Duchenne and now she is faced every day watching her son suffer the same fate.

“I was totally unaware of this condition and having a son the same age really touched my heart. I could not bare to think my son may not live beyond his teens and I could not bare to see him struggle and not enjoy the life most young boys do. Helen is always smiling and never has a moan or grumble despite the daily struggles she faces with the care of her poorly young man. I know inside she is broken. I would love to raise awareness of this to raise money to help these suffering families and hopefully find a cure to give these children a better future.”

Yvonne is hoping to raise £200 for the charity and has so far raised £55. To support Yvonne, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/yvonne-dennis.